What is the website design process like? EN

 Webb will answer for you the cheapest ways to build the interface structure and main functions of the website. This is a very important first step to bring a clear and coherent content structure, minimizing friction in the Web trust design process in Da Nang city. Create a user-friendly look, easy to use and quick access.

In addition to the sample interface

We will design a number of skins for buyers to choose from and add design ideas. This step is very important, because everyone has different aesthetic views, so it is very important to support the views and contributions from customers to make customers accept and make the Website develop more vivid.

Above all, we provide banner design services according to your requirements to help entice you to buy, visit the website, subscribe to ... Or simply, you need to design an event announcement video. or promotions for customers. Or a set of brand identifiers to affirm the level of the unit

Interface acceptance

In order to minimize the competition in terms of time and effort when using a reputable website design and programming manufacturer, the user decides to choose the interface that you feel most satisfied with and the two parties will proceed. Sign this interface. This is the official interface used for most of the Website and you are not allowed to change it by yourself. Or if for some satisfactory reason, the two parties will renegotiate the design contract to suit your current requirements.

Website design and programming

Webb – a web design unit with many years of experience in Da Nang will use the tested interface to design the website and conduct programming. Program the correct content of the draft contract, will not change when the programming is complete. If you have a need for additional modifications in terms of programming content, please agree before our programmers start programming.

Completing the website

We complete the detailed features of the website, update the basic content. You check all the features of the website. The website will be tested on the Internet, if the user is not required to embellish, add or ask any questions, the two parties will conduct the contract acceptance test.

Depending on the industry, size and needs of each individual and company, when designing sales websites, real estate websites, etc., websites will have different functions and complexity. Bringing a team of experts and creative and experienced programmers of website design providers in Da Nang, it is guaranteed to help you with the most impressive, effective and economical website.

Instructions for using and operating the Website in Da Nang

Good website design staff will show you and your employees the easiest and most convenient way to use the web with only office computer knowledge. After handing over, you have full rights to use and manage

Website maintenance

Your website, after being built, needs to be updated regularly to ensure its freshness. Thereby, you can see the growth status of your business. Organizing a reputable website design in Da Nang - website design service Da Nang Webb providing website design services in Da Nang will provide free and lifetime warranty and website maintenance support

To facilitate the Maintenance and ensure the security of the website, buyers are always encouraged to use Cloud, SSL security and Email Server. For these providers not only ensure the safety of your website but also affirm the luxury of a brand.

Website promotion

To make your website work at its best, in addition to the manual and traditional ways such as printing the website address on the company's business card, introducing it to friends and family, you can also spread the word on other applications. media tools, commercial networks, magazines and electronic websites. Another popular method is to use a web SEO provider to get to the top of Google. It's time for you to imagine Seo - bringing your website to the top of Google randomly, reaching more customers and not spending money when visitors click on your website.

In order for the company's brand to reach the target audience, it is not enough to have a website, you must have an image, your company's website covers typical search sites such as Google and websites. guilds are diverse consumers. We have been successful in assisting our buyers with Google ads and Facebook ads. Google Adword promotion service currently accounts for 27% of revenue in the field of online propaganda in Vietnam and brings high revenue to consumers. When you are a creative trader definitely not to miss this charming supplier.

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