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At the present time of digital technology, the website is the foundation to advertise brands and products that are chosen by many businesses. In order for a website to provide the best experience and increase conversions, businesses need to pay attention to the following things that you may not know about website design.

Website design needs what and note web design

Clearly define the purpose of the website being designed

This is the most noticeable issue, when designing a website, you should clearly define the purpose of building a customer's website about what content, purpose of use: brand advertising, providing news or sales, ... After determining the goal of the website, you will easily build content, arrange the brand for the website and orient the strategy later for the website.

In addition, you need to clearly define who needs to link to the website. Coconut into it, you can easily come up with a design idea suitable for your website

Focus on website branding design would like to share, building a good brand on the website will help businesses build trust with customers and increase the value of products and content on the website. The way for the website brand to stand out is that the Logo and slogan must be attached to the top of the page, appearing in the most prominent position. In addition, the same articles need to add logos, videos, and brand images in the most natural way.

Domain (domain name) must match the brand name logo

Website background: must be made in light colors using only the main color, and compatible with the colors of the product, making it easy to identify the brand and logo.

Design builds trust with customers

In addition to designing an impressive, reputable and professional website, you need to ensure that the correct information is given to customers. In order to build trust with customers, a professional design will have basic information such as: Hotline, address, email, business brand introduction... In addition to these factors, products and services Services must be described clearly, coherently, in detail, with correct information and have any advantages over competitors.

Interface and Experience (UX-UI)

UI is the interface on the Website that users will see such as: images, fonts, colors, Logo, Icon...

UX is the experience of using a website by a device user. An effective website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly.

The above two criteria will help customers stay on your website longer, help users find the necessary information and better understand the services your business is providing.

Well optimized on mobile interface

Currently, using mobile phones to search for information is the trend of users today. Therefore, to ensure that your website displays well on computers, you must design a website that is friendly, impressive, and has a beautiful interface for mobile devices.

Search engine optimization

Website design is not only beautiful, but must be seo standard to help the website appear in the highest ranking in Google search engines, Coc Coc... The factors you care about when designing a standard seo website are Meta Title, URL, Meta Description,... This will optimize the website for seo standards, which will contribute to better sales.

What website design interface needs?

Main color of product design

The main color on the website helps to mark the brand of the business more effectively with customers. Brands selling technology should use matte gray, travel should be blue, banana green, ..


Fonts are also a way to present a professional website. With soft fonts, meditate on beauty, cosmetics, perfumery websites.. And for technology websites often use popular fonts, easy to see, brief descriptions.

Design interface

The interface of the website design will depend on the brand and the customer and business target. There are many design styles such as: corners, shadows, ...

Choose a professional and reputable design unit in Danang

To have a professional, face-to-face, beautiful website, customers are in need of reputable and quality website design assistance. To evaluate a good Website design unit, you need to pay attention to criteria such as: Demo version, warranty, maintenance and support later, price, ...

WEBB confidently brings the experience of package design services in Da Nang. Webb not only brings beautiful websites but also helps customers access marketing content, build website strategies, support and maintain websites to bring the highest revenue to customers.

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